Small and Remote Streams

Magical Mystery Tour

These are special places. They are off the beaten path and require an appreciation for the ephemeral and unknown. To be honest, we usually save these spots for ourselves. However, if we like you, and you’ve promised us a winter trip to the Seychelles, we may consider taking you to one of our favorite streams for a day or two. No rental charges for the blindfolds of course.

All kidding aside, it doesn't get much better than fishing these pristine stretches of water, when they are on. Hatches are diverse. Stones, drakes and PMDs consistently fill the mid-morning air and provide a rich selection of feeding opportunities for hungry trout.

Many of these waters are narrow and in tight quarters. Beginners can have great days, but we recommend a decent dry-fly cast to take full advantage of these trips. These are the places we try not to talk about. These are the places where truly magical moments can take place while fly fishing.

Due to the nature of these trips they are offered only as a full-day and require a $50 dollar add on to our normal full day pricing.