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Benefits Of Hiring A Guide

While guided anglers generally catch larger fish (and more of them) than non-guided anglers, the biggest difference will be what you learn, not what you catch. For those who desire to learn as much as possible about holding water, casting techniques, fish behavior and hatches, we definitely recommend hiring a guide, if only for a day.

Our Guides

Park City Fly Fishing Guides is owned and operated by longtime Provo River guide, Layne Edwards. Throughout his tenure, he has established himself as one of the finest guides in the area. Energetic and hardworking, he maintains a vast network of return guests.

As business continues to grow and the fishing season progresses it may become necessary for Layne to call upon a number of excellent and independant guides to help him mange the volume of his guided trips. While they may or may not be listed here and only work a handful of days, Layne has complete confidence in their abilities to provide a positive and productive experience for you on the river.

Layne Edwards, a guide for Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Layne Edwards

Owner / Guide

Layne – or Lany’e as most people know him – has lived in the Park City area for just over a decade. Having found fly fishing later in life, he appreciates and values the work and effort it takes to become truly excellent at something you love. He readily accepts that fly fishing is one of the few healthy obsessions in his life, and he lives and dies for good days on the river. His attributes and talents include a gentle demeanor, patience, clear instruction and a knack for holding clients accountable for the things they’re learning throughout the day. Layne has a deep appreciation for the natural world and believes that only through experiencing it first hand will people have a desire to preserve it deep into the future. If Layne isn’t fishing with you, he’s most likely somewhere on a river with his three dogs - Domino, Che’ and Remy.

Utah Fly Fishing Guides

Travis Ehrlich


Travis is your go-to, good-time guy.  Fishy, friendly, full of big smiles and sparse but meaningful conversation, he will make sure your day on the river is near perfection.  Originally from the Los Angeles area, Travis grew up fishing with his dad and brother and quickly developed a passion for chasing pelagic fish in the Pacific as well as trout in the small mountain streams of California.  When he visited Park City on a ski trip in his twenties, he realized Utah was the place to fulfill his outdoor endeavors. Hunting, fishing, building houses, what can’t he do? His love of bowhunting has led him across the country where he has successfully harvested many big game animals. Friends and family have benefited from his expertise in guiding eventful and successful hunts. Fall is a very challenging time for him, naturally torn between two loves: the river and the mountain.  When on the river, Travis gets in those trout heads and has a sixth sense of what they need on any given day.  He puts the experience above everything else. He knows that simply walking along the river, stepping into the water, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the birds, or seeing hatching bugs is all part of the experience. Kids, parents, grandparents, he believes fishing is quality family time. When not guiding he often takes his wife and boys to his favorite secret spots.

Fly Fishing Guides in Park City Utah

Blaine Townsend


Blaine’s love for fishing and the outdoors started at a young age. Growing up along Utah’s Wasatch front, he spent time with his family fishing waters all over the west. While completing his degree from Weber State University Blaine began volunteering as a fly fishing guide for Reel Recovery. It is through this volunteer work that Blaine developed a knack for helping people enjoy themselves on the water. Motivated by the desire to share his love of fly fishing, Blaine continues to work hard and gather any information available to help guests maximize their time on the river. During his free time you can find Blaine exploring the Uinta Mountains and fishing local waters with friends

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Jeremy Tidwell


Jeremy is a native Utahn who has lived all over the state and all over the country at different times throughout his life.  He started fly fishing at a very young age (6 years old), as his father is an enthusiastic self-taught fly angler on the lower Provo River.  His love of Fly Fishing is deeply connected to camping, backpacking and exploring Utah’s high-altitude alpine lakes.  He grew up spending summers fishing with his family in the various remote mountain ranges of this great state. Connection with nature is his true obsession.  As a guide going into his third year of full-time work on the river.  He truly embraces the opportunity, to not only teach proper angling instruction, but to use his truly innate enthusiasm to spread “the stoke” to his clients each day.  He truly cannot hide his excitement and passion for deceiving and releasing trout!  His goal is to get every client “addicted” to fly fishing through positivity, angling success and the connection with nature that happens on the water.  When not guiding or chasing trout for himself.  Jeremy can be found trail-running, snowboarding or just enjoying a delicious craft beer.

Fly Fishing Guides in Park City Utah

Jake Smith


Jake's passion for fishing started in Utah's High Uinta Wilderness. Spending his free time fishing these small high mountain streams helped Jake develop a truly unique and diverse set of angling skills. However, it was when a friend took him fly fishing in Idaho that he knew he had found his ultimate and lifelong pursuit. These days, you can find him in many western states chasing a variety of species including trout, tiger muskie, and bass. He loves the sport and the places it takes him. Jake is truly one of the "fishiest" dudes we know. He works hard to get guests into fish and is a patient and thorough instructor. You will not only have fun with Jake, but you'll come away from you experience having learned a lot along the way.

Park City Fly Fishing Guides

Larry Culley


Larry grew up on the Front Range of Colorado and spent his childhood in pursuit of wild critters in wild spaces.  Always playing outdoors, he and his young buddies began fishing in local ponds and streams.  First with a spincast rod & reel with bait such as bologna or worms.  Then, at the age of 11, his best friends’ family gave him his first fly rod.  He never put it down, and has spent the past decades fly fishing for wild fish across the continent.  His true love, besides his family, is to be on the rivers and streams throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Park City area.  Larry comes from a family of teachers, and finds joy in helping others to experience the beauty of the natural world.  His hope always is, that his guests will leave the waters for the day with a deeper understanding of both the fish pursued and the environment that we all are a part of.  When not on the waters, Larry can be found with his wife and two young sons caring for their dogs, cats, and horses.

Utah fly fishing guide Hillary Sapp

Hillary Sapp


Hillary Sapp is originally from Kirkwood, CA. The outdoors have always been her playground. One of the first fish she caught as a kid was just outside her backdoor in her parents’ pond in Gardnerville, NV. That is where the spark began, but the obsession didn’t start until she took a fly fishing course at The College of Idaho. Hillary learned to fly fish on the Owhyee River and hasn’t put down a fly rod since. She moved to Park City, UT in 2016 working in adaptive sport, coaching paralympic and future paralympic athletes at The National Ability Center. Have a differing ability and nervous about fly fishing? No worries! Hillary is great at adapting. Hillary currently coaches adaptive alpine skiing in the winter, she teaches a Backpacking/ Fly Fishing course at the University of Utah (spring, summer and fall semester), and guides for Park City Fly Fishing Guides in the summer. Hillary is an enthusiastic guide, VERY patient, and could talk all day about entomology if you want to nerd out. A day on the river with Hillary will produce lots of laughs and fish too!