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Benefits Of Hiring A Guide

While guided anglers generally catch larger fish (and more of them) than non-guided anglers, the biggest difference will be what you learn, not what you catch. For those who desire to learn as much as possible about holding water, casting techniques, fish behavior and hatches, we definitely recommend hiring a guide, if only for a day.

Our Guides

Park City Fly Fishing Guides is owned and operated by longtime Provo River guides, Erik Hufnagle and Layne Edwards. Throughout their tenure, they have established themselves as two of the finest guides in the area. Energetic and hardworking, they maintain a vast network of return guests.

As their business continues to grow and the fishing season progresses it may become necessary for them to call upon a number of excellent and independant guides to help them mange the volume of their guided trips. While they may or may not be listed here and only work a handful of days, Layne and Huf have complete confidence in their abilities to provide a positive and productive experience for you on the river.

Layne Edwards Fly Fishing Guide

Layne Edwards

Owner / Guide

Layne – or Lany’e as most people know him – has lived in the Park City area for just over a decade. Having found fly fishing later in life, he appreciates and values the work and effort it takes to become truly excellent at something you love. He readily accepts that fly fishing is one of the few healthy obsessions in his life, and he lives and dies for good days on the river. His attributes and talents include a gentle demeanor, patience, clear instruction and a knack for holding clients accountable for the things they’re learning throughout the day. Layne has a deep appreciation for the natural world and believes that only through experiencing it first hand will people have a desire to preserve it deep into the future. If Layne isn’t fishing with you, he’s most likely somewhere on a river with his three dogs - Domino, Che’ and Remy.

Erik Hufnagle

Erik Hufnagle

Owner / Guide

Erik has been an international, fly fishing guide for 25 years. Born in Boston, Erik developed a love of the outdoors at a young age. Under the mentorship of North East greats, Jon Stewart, Farrow Allen, Jon Howe, and Janet & Bill Thompson, he put his time in at the shop and eventually began guiding. In 1999, his wanderlust led him to an opportunity to guide on the Futale Fu in Chile for three seasons, under the tutelage of legend Jim Repine. Erik moved to Park City, Utah in 2001 to fulfill his dream of guiding and living out west. For the past 15 years Erik has called Park City home and guides in both Utah and Wyoming. When not on the river, you can find Erik hiking or cross country skiing with his golden retriever Hazel and his bernese mountain dog Diesel.  He and his wife Brooke also enjoy camping in and around Park City.